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I help you find the resolve to achieve greater success.

My Story

Having worked as a global executive for over 25 years in the international financial payments and services sector, I stepped down from my corporate role in 2022, after spending more than 17 years in key senior leadership positions with Mastercard in Asia Pacific. As the global pandemic has caused many to rethink, I too went through my own halftime pause back in 2021 where I took a six months sabbatical in July 2021 and participated in a year-long Fellows Program with The Halftime Institute (USA), followed by a Brain-based coaching certification with The Neuroleadership Institute, which is fully certified and recognized by the International Coaching Federation. After stepping down in December 2022, I now do what I have always enjoyed and loved – leadership coaching and business mentoring. I work with senior business leaders especially women founders and leaders who are either taking on their first senior management role or who are looking to make a  transition that is purposeful.

Stop. Pause and Take Charge

I help you reflect and take stock of who you are at the core. Together, we chart a new course towards renewed vision and purpose so as to find greater success.

Beyond Coaching

Besides leadership and executive coaching, I am also engaged in mentoring and advisory works with Keynote Women, Emerging Payments Association Asia and Junior Achievement, Singapore. I also speak at industry conferences as well as companies’ leadership meetings on key topics including “Leadership & Purpose”, “Fear of Failure”, “Future-ready Skills”, “New World of Work” and “Women in Leadership”.

Besides coaching, I also mentor business owners on their business strategies and expansion plans; specifically how do they overcome growth challenge, launch new innovation at scale and with speed. Working as an entrepreneur can sometimes be lonely, but you need not be alone as I would be happy to journey with you.

My Coaching Philosophy

  • Results-Based Coaching
  • Embracing both head and heart
  • Solutions Focused
  • “U” always come first
  • Learn to unlearn your old habits and behaviours
  • Two is better than one and I am committed to journeying with you
  • Success to Significance – Helping you reframe and re-pivot

I encourage you to think about the future you – even if you’re happy with where you are right now.


Chemistry Session

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Executive Leadership Coaching

A series of 6 or 12 sessions, where we will work through what you need as you continue your leadership journey.

6 sessions (3 months) or 12 sessions (6 months)

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Life 2.0 Coaching

At the peak of my career in 2020, holding one of the highest position in the firm globally and managing the largest line of the business, I found myself searching and asking “What’s Next?”,  “Is there something deeper?” and “What is my purpose?” Allow me to journey with you and explore what Life 2.0 is all about.

6 Sessions (3 Months)

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Business Coaching & Mentoring

Are you an entrepreneur or soloprenuer where you found your own business over the last few years? Starting one’s business is never easy and expanding it on your own is another challenge altogether. So allow me to journey with you and explore how I can help.

6 Sessions (3 Months)

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To empower exceptional leaders, driving positive change and creating lasting impact.


To provide transformative coaching experiences that enable you to unlock your fullest potential. I am dedicated to equipping you with the necessary skills, mindset, and support to excel in your leadership journey through personalised coaching and development programs that inspire continuous growth, foster strategic thinking, and cultivate effective communication.

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